Leonardo Spare Parts Center

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Leonardo Spair Parts Center

In collaboration with Leonardo S.p.A., we have installed the spare parts center of AW109 Series and AW119Ke in our Tokyo Heliport Office in order to improve the convenience of our helicopter users.
As the first Japan "Leonardo" spare parts center, we will stock the most frequently used parts in Japan, improve the after-sales service, and eliminate the inconvenience of our users. In order to meet the needs of our users, we are preparing a system for the quick delivery of the spare parts, so it is possible to ship them until the next day if they are in stock. In the case of emergency AOG, we will set a priority and respond promptly.

Policy: Prompt delivery/low cost/abundant stock
Location: 〒136-0082, 4-7-45, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan Kaigai Corporation
Spare Parts Center area: 103.5u
Equipment: Air condition system (temperature/humidity automatic adjustment)
Compatible models: AW119Ke, AW109 Series
Handling parts: Spare parts of the compatible models
Inventory List of compatible models: for stock, please contact the following.
TEL 03-6457-0682
FAX 03-3522-2550