Since established as a divion of Kaigai Corporation in 1967, we have played an important role in the sales and services/repairs of aircraft electronics and avionics devices in Japan.

Through our over 50 years history, we have been developing sales/repairs of avionics devices for the civil and defense markets in Japan, as a distributor and an authorized service center for the BendixKing Division of Honeywell International Inc.

Meanwhile, with the aim of strengthing ourcivil-aviation businesses, we have become a distributer of LEONARDO helicopter since 2007, and supported LEONARDOfs local operators by establishing the first spare parts center at our hanger at the Tokyo Heliport as well as introducing leading ground service equipments to the Japanese market.

In addition, we represent excellent overseas MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) companies and actively provide the best MRO solutions to the local operators and also the government entities.

In recent years, we have put emphasis to expand the defense-related businesses onto our platform. As we have grown the business we have opened a branch office in Nagoya.

Working together with our domestic and foreign partners, we actively market value-added military products in order to contribute to enhance the national security.

As our new initiative, we have moved into the communications industry sector by establishing Kaigai Communications Corporation in 2017 to strengthen telecommunications businesses, especially in the satellite communications (with Iridium and Imarsat). It is our mission to contribute to the society and also in the area of national defense working together with our strong partners both from domestic and overseas.

It is our commitment that we contribute to society as a result of becoming a needed company in the fields of aviation, defense and security fields by challenging ourselves to create new values taking advantage of our core strength.

Where there is a will, there is a way. President & CEO  Masayoshi Yamazaki

President & CEO  Masayoshi Yamazaki
1986hN Sophia University, Ichigaya Campus
1986 `1997 Morgan Stanley
1997 `2002 UBS AG Group
2003 Japan-America Institute of Management Science (ICMP Program)
2004 Pilot Certificate for Single / Multi Engine Land in Hawai, HI
2004 President of Kaigai Aviotech
2006 Pilot Certificate for Single-Sea in Havasu, AZ
Hobby: Flying airplane